Tomáš Hlavina

*1966 Děčín, lives and works in Prague

Park behind the House of Arts 
49.19671, 16.61475
steel, structural plywood, plastic, varnish

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The image has always been open to free interpretation, which gave it the status of unreliable, subjective testimony – at least since the transformation of communication structures resulting from the spread of printing. Hlavina’s object in the form of a gigantic book refers to the concept of an open work and emphasizes the subjectivity and the uniqueness of its reading. The pages of the book do not contain any semiotic information; only lines are indicated as blind embossed tapes that can be freely manipulated, regrouping the invisible text at will. In the figurative sense, it is in fact the readers who fill in the content, and it is also they who are read by the book.