Pavel Karous

*1979 Prague, lives and works in Prague

Park on Moravské Sqare 
49.19913, 16.60672
steel, structural plywood, plastic, varnish 

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The installation by Pavel Karous refers to one of the displaced residuums of the previous communist era –the sculpture “Communists to Mark Their Final Victory” by Miloš Axman, which stood on Moravské Square till 1990. The artist has placed his object in the same location; its silhouette derives from the original sculpture, but does not include its figurative parts, only Axman’s props, used as evidence of the communist utopia coming true – a cosmic satellite and nuclear fission accompanied by radiation. From a point of view of seeking the truth it is impossible not to see that socialist realism has introduced a visible falsity of fulfilled Utopia to suppress those aspects of reality that were in conflict with the communist regime. Like abstract art, for instance, it also rejected the obviousness of the senses, but instead of revealing invisible reality, it concentrated all its means towards illusion. Karous intentionally uses the same method, adapting the satellite into a barbecue, and thus replacing, in a subversive gesture, the “great” ideal of the past, i.e. the conquest of cosmic space, with the contemporary “small” ideal of domestic well-being.