Krištof Kintera

*1973 Prague, lives and works in Prague

Pavement at the entrance to the House of Arts 
49.19604, 16.61493

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If it were winter and not in the middle of the year, the scene would seem quite commonplace. In the summer, however, the mound of dingy, slowly drifting snow is something close to miraculous. Kintera has plotted a classic visual trap, which unwittingly refers to one of the traditional categories of visual art – imitation (mimesis). Plato would be clear about it. The artist is a typical sophist whose work has a fake beauty, because the subject it creates does not attest to knowledge but opinion. Today’s “consumers”, not familiar with contemporary art, will probably see it the same way, with the difference between the two consisting in the fact that while Plato opposed “images” in general, contemporary viewers, on the contrary, long for traditional “paintings”. Plato criticized the lie of art, contemporary viewers miss it in the form they desire.