Martin Kochan

*1981 Trnava, lives and works in Trnava

Římské Square 
49.1927478, 16.6114356 

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With its quality of a rising topographic wave, suddenly protruding from the horizontal surface of the sidewalk, Kochan’s intervention skilfully combines radicalism with inconspicuousness. In the framework of urban public space, the structure implies something organic, slowly growing, flowing from side to side, like an oedema on the human body. This association is essential for the artist, because he metaphorically associates the origin of the Oedema with the presence of numerous people, whose personal frustrations, feelings of exclusion, neuroses or hatred are reflected in the face of the city in this way. Taking into account that from the medical point of view, one of the causes of an oedema is the body’s inappropriate allergic reaction to foreign substances, Kochan figuratively sees them in the information spreading through the contemporary media and social communication networks. He does not say, though, who is to provide the sick society with antibodies, but the character of the installation indicates that it might be art, which indeed represents for many a small, sometimes annoying, but in any case hopefully active virus.