Josef Mladějovský

*1986 Frýdek-Místek, lives and works in Ostrava

Passage of the building on the corner of Dornych 
and Křenová Streets 
49.19139, 16.61508
foam, mirror

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Establishing “change” as a fundamental principle of modern art logically weakened the confidence in the irreversibility of the so-called artistic truth. It took a series of shapes that overlap each other, stacked one over the other, so that when viewed from the outside, they began to show the features of an impenetrable cipher. Josef Mladějovský, trying to grasp these processes, adopts the same hermetic approach when he imprisons, in the web of geometric forms, Werner Heisenberg’s statement: “Over centuries science and art have created a human language that we can use to talk about the outermost realms of reality, with coherent conceptual systems being, just as various artistic styles, merely different words, or groups of words, of the same language.” Mladějovský has vaulted his installation like the space of a cave with stalactite embryos, where poetic thinking interferes with the mechanical, and artistic truth is figuratively reflected in the scientific. At the same time, however, he has also conceived it as a virtual space, broken open by the mutual dispute between the ability to speak and the ability to understand, characteristic not only of the era of modernism, but evidently even more so of the contemporary world.