Oldřich Morys

*1983 Frýdek-Místek, lives and works in Prague 

Locations variable – to get the information on current location send a SMS message „BAO BOULDER“ 
to phone no. +420 778 705 203

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In the course of the festival, you can encounter a man in the streets of Brno, rolling a stone before him, and answering any questions on the meaning of his activity merely with a laconic “It is my work”. At the end of the day, when his working hours are over, he leaves the stone in place and returns to it the next day to continue his absurd mission. The whole process deliberately lacks any definite meaning and can be understood in various ways, either as a general question about the meaning of our actions, or as a metaphor for art, the destiny of which is helplessness. The evident irrationality of such behaviour can also be interpreted as an expression of resistance against the pressure of current political and economic systems, forcing us to compare our view with the logic of money and power, and to adapt to the ubiquitous dictate of outcome fetishism.