Philip Topolovac

*1979 Würzburg, lives and works in Berlin

Velký Špalíček Shopping Centre 
49.193200, 16.607227
mixed media  

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Present-day shopping centres represent spaces that do not require any of the usual forms of social interaction and reduce our attention to simply “gazing” at the goods. Consumption is the goal under any circumstances, and this is a purely individual entertainment. Philip Topolovac enters this environment with an installation formally referring to a museum exhibition of minerals. Every item on display is provided with a detailed description of its physical qualities. However, their origin is consciously concealed, which – as in the case of gazing at goods – brings a reduction of the field of view. Having basically no possibility to find out that the items in fact represent objects the artist found in Berlin, affected by the war (most often melted glass), the viewers lack substantial connections. They see carefully analysed and skillfully arranged objects, but apparently without history. Imitating on the one hand the spirit of consumption with its superficiality, Topolovac’s installation at the same time also reflects the current problem of the excessively narrow specialization of scientific research, and the resulting degree of “one-track specialists” that makes it difficult to see facts in a broader context.