June 13 – 14, 2019

NONUMENT! International symposium on the hidden, abandoned and forgotten monuments of the 20thcentury

CAMP – Center for Architecture and Municipal Planning, Vyšehradská 51, Praha 2, by the Emmaus Monastery


The genesis of the international biennale of contemporary art Sculptures in the Streets – Brno Art Opensince its inception in 2008 will be presented as part of the panel discussion Infrastructure and Ideology(June 13, 2019); the participants of the workshop I am a Dependent Object!(June 14, 2019) led by Katarína Hládeková and Markéta Žáčková will attempt to find a solution to the problem of “endangered and unwanted” object by Sylva Lacinová, created for the building of the erstwhile Associated Research Institutes in Brno (currently the Faculty of Informatics of the Masaryk University). Further information can be found on the CCEA MOBA and CAMP websites: http://cceamoba.cz/nonument/http://praha.camp/.