Jaroslav Sedlák a David Helešic


Wooden structure

Praha / Forum for architecture and media

Husova 535/18


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The work of David Helešic and Jaroslav Sedlák is characterized by a conceptual and theoretical approach to architecture, and by a permanent effort to revise the stereotypes and value models of the discipline as well. Because of their systematic questioning of the role of architecture in society – both by means of experimental self-assigned projects and critical texts – they can be called activists in architecture. Brno Art Open presents their view from a “city deer stand” directed to the middle of a persisting problematic spot in the city centre: the building site of the Janáček Cultural Centre, the protracted non-realisation of which makes it another one of Brno’s unfulfilled dreams, or now rather nightmares, along with for instance the location of the main railway station, the revitalisation of the stadium behind the Lužánky park, the transformation of Mendlovo Square from a cluttered public transport terminal into a real square, and many others. The mothballed concrete surface is a resonating board of maladies caused by manipulations with public commissions, the inability to respect the result of an architectural design competition, corruption scandals, litigation and bizarre political backroom dealmaking, which have resulted in this blind spot in the city organism, absurdly fenced with a tidy wooden, almost western-style fence intended to give the impression that everything is all right. In this sense, the wooden structure David Helešic and Jaroslav Sedlák raised on the roof of the Praha v Brně café represents a direct institutional and, in a broader sense even social-political, criticism. The blue surface finish of the lookout is a response to the recent but now rather worn out trends of the urban style and “quasi-functionalism”.

The Prague Café in Brno – the address of the collective of the 4AM/Forum for architecture and media – is a specific type of public space: it is an open cultural hub associating both the artistic and architectural community. The installation entitled 2021is a project arising on the initiative of both co-creators as an independent activity from the need to freely make a statement about the environment we live in and that every ordinary inhabitant of the city has something to add to the great public themes. The Brno Art Open show has become a suitable opportunity to make the project a reality and interlink it with another work – the intervention by Marek Meduna in the building site of the Janáček Cultural Centre.